The Liberation of SLOambic

time | Saturday, November 15



Buellton, CA


Join us for the next liberation at barrelworks for our final release of the year!

introducing... sloambic & el gourdo

Saturday, November 15th from 11am - 2pm

It's our final Liberation of 2014 so we're going out with a bang and releasing two more very limited Barrelworks bottled offerings. First we have SLOambic, a wild ale fermented with ollalieberries. Ollalie-what?! Oh-la-leh berry, a hybrid of blackberries & raspberries which we added to our Sour Opal. Our second bottled offering is El Gourdo, a wild roasted pumpkin ale, which is a blend of Agrestic and Lil' Mikkel, fermented with roasted pumpkins!

**Please note: The pumpkins in this beer were roasted with walnuts. For those with nut allergies, we do not recommend drinking this beer.**

There are two ticket options for the Liberation:

Ticket One: $75, Includes three bottles of SLOambic

Ticket Two: $100, Includes six bottles of SLOambic

SLOambic retails for $13.99 plus tax & CRV, 12-bottle limit. El Gourdo retails for $14.99 plus tac & CRV, three-bottle limi. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, October 29th at 9am. 

For Tickets, please click here.

Barrelworks will not be open to the public on this day. Two ticket maximum per purchase.

region | Central Coast California