Brewing For Tomorrow - Firestone Walker Brewing Company



We believe that the beer we make must respect the land that we love. It’s why we are brewing for tomorrow. Our on-site solar installation ensures that the vast majority of our beer is now brewed with California sunshine. We recycle, treat, and return millions of gallons of water to the local aquifer each year. Resourcefulness is part of our brewery DNA, and our pursuit of the perfect beer will always be underscored by a passion for minimizing our environmental impact.


Brewed with

Our commitment to clean, renewable energy begins with our on-site solar array, ensuring that all of our beer is now brewed with California sunshine.

  • Solar power offsets over 60% of our brewery’s energy needs
  • 20% of the brewhouse’s energy use is generated by kettle steam recovery
  • Biogas is transformed into usable energy via combined heat-power microturbines


Every Drop

Water is one of our most precious resources in California. We view water conservation as a vital responsibility for the health of our environment and communities.

  • 7.5 million gallons of water is saved annually by our investment in local reservoir sourcing
  • 500,000 gallons of water is recycled annually through our custom water reuse system
  • 40 million gallons of process water is treated annually on site and returned to the local aquifer


Clean Air &
Blue Skies

Through the use of advanced systems and technologies, we do our part to keep California’s air clean and beautiful.

  • 6,000 metric tons of carbon emissions are offset annually by our solar array
  • Our state-of-the-art CO2 recapture system will offset 4.4 million pounds of emissions each year
  • Our vapor condenser recovery system saves every day the same energy an average household consumes in 1 year.



Brewers have long been resourceful by nature. In that tradition, we divert as much from the landfill as possible through the recycling, reuse and repurposing of excess material and equipment.

  • 90% of brewing grains are delivered in bulk to eliminate packaging waste
  • 20 million pounds of spent grains are recovered and fed to local livestock each year
  • The brewery “Boneyard” repurposes old equipment, and all excess cardboard, glass, and aluminum is recycled