We get a lot of questions from our beer fans.┬áRecently, we’ve been getting a few about lactose in beers. We sat down with our lab team to give you some answers about lactose.

What even is lactose?

Lactose is the sugar found in milk.

Why is it in my beer?

Lactose is a way of adding in sweetness and body to beers as it is a sugar that brewing yeast cannot ferment. Historically, it has been used in stouts and sweet stouts where the sweeter flavor profiles complement the malt and chocolate notes, but in the past few years brewers have been adding it to other beers, predominantly Juicy/Hazy IPAs to push their beers into flavor profiles akin to fruit juice or milkshakes (i.e. google ‘Milkshake IPAs’).

But I am Lactose Intolerant…

According to science, your body uses an enzyme called lactase to digest lactose. People who aren’t able to properly digest lactose have negative side effects when consuming lactose and dairy products. Most sugars are converted to alcohol in the brewing process but lactose does remain, even in trace amounts, in the finished liquid. Depending on the severity of your allergy or intolerance to lactose, we wouldn’t recommend drinking a beer with lactose. It’s a good thing we offer a wide variety of beers that are free of dairy and lactose for all to enjoy…

Firestone Beers with Lactose

  • Nitro Merlin Milk Stout
  • Coconut Merlin Milk Stout
  • Any of our beers with “Merkin” in the title (aka Mole Merkin, Velvet Merkin, etc.)
  • Mordred (base beer is Merlin)

Firestone Beers without Lactose

  • Flyjack
  • Mind Haze
  • Luponic Distortion
  • Union Jack
  • Motueka (single hop IPA in mixed pack cans)
  • El Dorado (single hop IPA in mixed pack bottles)
  • Double Jack
  • Lager
  • Pivo
  • DBA
  • Rosalie
  • Easy Jack
  • XXIII Anniversary Ale
  • Parabola
  • Old Man Hattan
  • Stickee Monkee
  • Bretta Blanc
  • Champs de Fraises
  • Violet Underground
  • Agrestic
  • Bretta Rose
  • Feral One
  • UnderCurrants
  • Bretta Weisse
  • Sour Opal

Use our beer finder to find out where you can get your favorite beer, with lactose or lactose-free.