Feral Peach

We are fortunate to have access to many varieties of peaches in California.  What better way to celebrate our wild side than tracking down a white dwarf variety from a local farm, The Christensen Ranch, and utilizing its fruit to create a beer.  We couldn’t resist the beautiful aroma from this feral volunteer peach.   Introducing Feral Peach wild ale.  The synergy between aromatic fruit, wild microflora and long maturation in oak barrels creates a bright peach flavor, deep rustic funk and spicy oak flavors.  A firm acidity and lively carbonation punctuate this concoction.   Santé!


Batch #1, 2016

No of Cases: 239
Bottling Date: 3/17/16
Barrel Ratio: 100 % French oak
Maturation time: 39 months
Titratable Acidity: 13.9g/L
Microflora: B. lambicus and B. bruxellensis, L. brevis
ABV: 5.5 % kegs;   5.9 % bottles

Beer Information

ABV: 5.9%


Draft, 375ml bottles, extremely limited.