Turned Loose

Luponic Distortion

Matt Brynildson and hops go way back. His first job out of college was as a hop chemist. Today, he is an international consultant for the Hop Growers of America. In between, he has become known as the brewmaster at Firestone Walker Brewing Company, where he has developed a number of notable hop-driven beers. But it is only now—with the advent of Luponic Distortion—that he and his team have been turned loose to go off script and plunder the many marvels of the emerging hop revolution.
“Every time someone goes to drink a Pivo or Easy Jack or other Firestone beer, it should taste the same, year in and year out,” Matt says. “That all changes with Luponic Distortion.”

Free to Jam


For Matt and his team, Luponic Distortion is ultimately an opportunity to have fun, break the mold and hone their hop expertise without boundaries, along with the freedom create a new version of the beer every 90 days.
In Matt’s words, “I always go back to music. The best bands to see live may play their greatest hits, but they always pull out at least one song that they morph and jam on, and it’s never the same, and that’s what brings you back time and time again. Luponic Distortion is the culmination of this journey, where we finally just get to jam.”

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