Reginald Brett

Reginald Brett

Once a Liberal Party politician in the U.K., the “Viscount Esher,” aka Reginald Brett, left a strong impression on his native England as this latest offering from Barrelworks will leave with you.  Yet another Barrelworks creation with DBA roots, this beer begins as Double DBA and is selectively matured in bourbon barrels for several months.  A further 18 months of secondary fermentation and additional maturation in French and American oak barrels creates unparalleled depth and complexity. This hefty brew is brimming with a full spectrum of flavors and aromas: Nutty sherry aromas mingle with Oak, then give way to a Cointreau-like boozy orange zest.  Tart cherries linger as the acidity builds on the palate. Vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon provide a supporting cast.  The whole experience is reminiscent of a Manhattan cocktail.  To be sipped and savored. A santé!


Batch #: 1, 2017

Bottle Date: 5.16.17
No. of Cases:  255
Barrel Ratio:  54% French oak;  46% American oak
Maturation Time: 24months
Titratable Acidity:  11.2 g/L
Microflora: B. lambicus, L. lindneri, L. brevis
ABV: 9.7% kegs;  10 % bottles

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ABV: 10%

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Draft, 375ml bottles, extremely limited.

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