Pixie Dusted

Pixie Dusted

Wild Ale Fermented with Pixie Tangerine


For creators, this world offers an overflowing abundance of inspiration. One opportunity often overlooked is the synergy that sprouts between like-minded groups that see things from different perspectives. We welcomed the team from The Publican in Chicago, and specifically Beer Director Adam Vavrick, into our lair to add his mark to this truly collaborative creation. Armed with an idea to use citrus in a blend, we by chance landed in the arms of Friend’s Ranches of Ojai, who offered us the beautifully grown Pixie Tangerine. By adding the juice and zest from the tangerines to the Publican’s proprietary barrel blend, we have created a liquid expression of an idea. We hope you enjoy the synergy. Santé!


Batch # 1

Formats:  375ml, 20L Key Keg

No of Cases: 97

No of 3 Liters: Zero

Packaged On: 1/19/18

Barrel Ratio: 95% French Oak

Maturation time:  18-24 Months

Titratable Acidity:  8.3 g/L

Microflora: a proprietary blend of Brettanomyces and Lactic Acid Bacteria

ABV: Bottle: 5.9%

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ABV: 5.9%

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Draft, 375ml bottles, extremely limited.

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