Champs de Fraises

Champs de Fraises

We searched high and low for the perfect strawberry to add to our wild ale.  We were not satisfied with the fruit aroma and flavor until we discovered a unique variety from Oregon.  It’s bright red flesh, sweet perfume and wild strawberry character is the perfect match for our beer, Champs de Fraises (Strawberry fields). A generous dose of strawberries were allowed a tertiary fermentation with a wheat beer matured 15 months in  100% French oak barrels.  A fresh sweet strawberry perfume gives way to earthy funk, bracing acidity and malt undertones.  A lively carbonation and underlying oak tannins create a thoroughly refreshing beverage.  Santé!

Batch #2 2017

No of Cases: 240
Bottling Date: 2/16/17
Barrel Ratio: 100% French Oak
Maturation time:  15 months
Titratable Acidity:  13.0  g/L
Microflora: Brettanomyces Lambicus, L. Brevis, P. Damnosus
ABV:  6 % kegs; 6.3 % bottles

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ABV: 6.33%

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Draft, 375ml bottles, extremely limited.

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