Plugged In

Luponic Distortion

Luponic Distortion is a beer that taps into the forefront of the hop revolution.
For decades, the hop market was largely controlled by big brewers. Then small craft brewers came along and demanded hops that were better and different. But since it takes a minimum of eight years to develop a single new hop cultivar, the full brunt of the hop revolution is only now being felt.
In the words of Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, “The door is now being blown wide open on all of these insane new experimental hop varieties, and Luponic Distortion is our opportunity to plug into them.”


Pure Hops, No Adjuncts

For years, Matt has traveled the world, building relationships with hop breeders and growers around the world.
Those relationships are now providing access to new experimental hops that exhibit unprecedented attributes—such one from the Pacific Northwest that offers an explosive blueberry character, and another from Germany with a combination of tropical notes unlike anything grown in the states. Many of these hops don’t have official names yet, and for the first time we’re going to be cagey about which hops are being used.
“We’re going to be able to push flavors forward in this beer that might make you swear there’s a fruit adjunct in there, but we’re going to do it with pure hops,” Matt says.

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