Venice (coming soon)


Venice - A 2014 Vision...



Every once in a while, an unfounded rumor comes true—such as the old one about Firestone Walker Brewing Company creating an establishment in Los Angeles.

Indeed, in late 2015, we plan to open a Taproom restaurant, pilot brewhouse and craft beer hub on Washington Boulevard in Venice.  Here’s a FAQ with more info:


Why Venice?

 Venice’s creative vibe was the main draw. This isn’t going to be a satellite brewery outpost. It’s a place for us to connect with the area’s unique energy.  We are excited that this location will bring us geographically closer to more home brewers and aficionados, and we plan to host homebrewing seminars, technical talks and other events that will add to the learning curve.

 What are you planning for the Venice property?

The details are still being fine tuned as we seek input from our Venice neighbors and City planners, but here’s what’s planned so far: 

·A small-scale complete pilot brewhouse for brewing R&D beers and special one-off brews. 

·A Taproom restaurant that showcases our approach to beermaking while offering a menu and ambiance unique to the Venice property.

 ·A discovery center featuring a retail space and training room for educational experiences such as hop seminars and blending sessions.  The goal is to develop a connective channel with craft beer enthusiasts and the local brewing community, from home brewers to professionals.

We will also have offices for brewing, sales and marketing staff.

Is this part of a Firestone chain?

We are not a chain by any stretch. We currently operate our brewery campus in Paso Robles and Barrelworks wild ales facility in Buellton, which both offer distinct visitor experiences. The Venice property will similarly stand apart in its uniqueness and observance of the surrounding culture. 

Is this a developed property or a new build-out?

We acquired a property that was developed many years ago. We plan to improve the existing buildings without increasing their size, density or footprint.  The property has sufficient parking space without the need for artificial parking schemes. We intend to facilitate local access via the property's alleyways, and will make extensive accommodation for bicycles.

For more background, check out this LA Weekly interview, straight from the Lion’s mouth. And stay tuned here for more details as things come together.