Can I buy XIX before October 31st?

No, there will be no physical bottles available before October 31st and we will not be doing any presales before doors open for the event. 

What time can I arrive that day?

Doors do not open until the party starts at 11am, check-in will start prior to that.

Coming early?  Get your buzz going!  We will be offering complimentary coffee from 9AM to 11AM while you wait! 

Will the Visitor's Center be open at the regular 10AM time?

Yes, however they will not begin selling XIX until 3pm that day.

Where is the party? 

The party takes place at our Paso Robles brewery at 1400 Ramada Dr.  Guests will bring their tickets to the check-in area, located directly next to our Taproom Restaurant, just look for signage. All IDs will be checked at this point and guests will then be allowed into the party at 11am sharp. 

*Please note: while the party is in our mostly enclosed, weather in the past has been unpredictable, so layers and warm clothing is recommended for the day.

Will the Buellton Taproom Restaurant & Barrelworks have XIX as well?

Yes, the Buellton Taproom restaurant will be open regular hours for the day and will be selling bottles of XIX and offering it on draft as well. 

Will the Paso Robles Brewery Taproom location be open that day?

Yes, The Taproom will be open regular business hours from 11AM to 9PM on October 31st and will also be offering specialty beers on tap. They will not begin selling XIX until 3pm that day.

 Are there Designated Driver or Under 21 tickets? 

No. Everyone in attendance must be 21 or older.  The party is intended as a "thank you" for purchasing 3 bottles, there must be 3 bottles purchased per each adult in attendance. 


What's the deal with a Halloween costume contest

Well, we can't have a party on Halloween & not have a costume contest! Don your best beer-inspired costume & participate in our costume contest to win a kickass prizes. Oh, and you guys know we have a thing for Lions & Bears too, right? More details coming soon.

What is the cost per bottle?

Each bottle of XIX is $23.99 + tax & CRV. Both cash and credit cards are accepted

How many bottles maximum can I buy?

In order to assure we can supply enough bottles of XIX to go around we will be limiting sales to 12 bottles per adult. 

Can I buy less than 3 bottles? 

Yes, tickets for the party are sold at a 3 bottle minimum, however if you would like to purchase 1 or 2 bottles you may do so, but you will not have access to the party.


Do I have to carry the bottles around with me at the party?

No, after you check-in with your ticket, you can either receive them right there (we'd suggest putting them in your car) OR you can hang on to your receipt until the party is over and pick-up your bottles then. No bottles will be held over night! 

What if I lose my receipt?

Don't lose your receipt!  There is no way for us to track pick up of beer, if you lose your receipt you will not be given beer.


What if I bought a ticket and cannot attend the event?

Unfortunately there are no refunds for this event. All beer must be picked up by 2pm on Saturday, October 31st. If you are unable to attend the event, you will be forfeiting your beer!

Where can I stay nearby?

The Courtyard Marriott (drop date 9.30.15, book online here) & the Hampton Inn (drop date 9.18.15) have blocked room rates available for the weekend, make sure to tell them you are here for the party!  

Can I bring my children or four-legged companions?

While we love kids & animals, unfortunately they're gonna have to stay home this time, as we do not permit children or animals inside the event.

Have more questions?  Contact Veronica Jaurez