Tickets for the 2017 Firestone Walker Invitational are...



General Admission: $85

Early Admission: $200

Two ticket max purchase per person!


...yes, we know they will sell out fast. No, we will not be releasing additional tickets.

For our 6th Invitational, we figured we should sell them on the 6th of February at 6am, because why not? 


Please note that the Early Admission tickets are VERY limited & the additional $115 is donated to a non-profit organization. Those who purchase an Early Admission ticket will also receive a 2017 FWIBF t-shirt and hat. These will be shipped to you approximately four weeks before the Invitational Beer Festival from Kotis. Kotis nor Firestone Walker are responsible for replacing the t-shirt and hat package included with the original sale of these tickets when tickets are purchase from a third party. The transfer of items is the responsibility of the original buyer.

Are you over 21?