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Huck Yeah! & Sour Opal 

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We're unleashing two Barrelworks beers to the wild! Introducing Huck Yeah!, a wild ale fermented with huckleberries, and Sour Opal, Batch Two, an American wild ale.  

Purchase bottles via Eventbrite beginning Monday, August 1st at 10am, then stop by Barrelworks beginning Saturday, August 20th to pick up your beers. Bottles are 375ml, $15.50 (plus tax & CRV) each. The ticket includes four bottles of each beer beer (eight bottles total per person), two tokens for beer tasters at the Barrelworks bar & and a Barrelworks bag.

Beer Release:

Imperial Walker’s Reserve

To commemorate our 5,000th batch of beer, we decided to revisit an old friend and bring it out of retirement in a brand new guise. Walker’s Reserve was a staple of the Firestone Walker lineup for many years. The brain child of head brewer Dustin Kral and former brewer Dustin Kor, Imperial Walker’s Reserve doubles the alcohol of the original, while also adding a healthy dose of Weyermann beech wood smoked malt from Germany. After resting for seven months in freshly emptied Kentucky bourbon barrels, the smoke character has mellowed into perfect balance with dark chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and charred American white oak.

12.5% ABV. Limited brewery-only release.

Two bottle max purchase per person // $23.99 per bottle

Beer Release:

Rye Double DBA

Saturday June 4th, 2016

Brewery Emporium (Paso Robles, 10am)

Barrelworks (Buellton, 11am)

Brewery Store (Venice, 12pm)

Two bottle max purchase per person // $29.99 per bottle

Annual Events

Signature Event:
Firestone Walker Invitational

Saturday June 4, 2016

We welcome you to an annual celebration of craft beer, right here in our hometown of Paso Robles.  A place that we are very proud to call our home.


Signature Event:
From The Barrel

April 8, 2016

Prepare your palates for the finest ciders, Bourbons and barrel-aged beers to be presented on the Central Coast as we celebrate the end of Prohibition with From the Barrel.


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