Proprietor's Vintage Series


Anniversary Ale

no longer available

Since founding our brewery in 1996, we have specialized in the rare art of fermenting beer in oak barrels. In the fall of 2006, we released a limited edition, oak-aged strong ale called “10” to commemorate our 10th anniversary, thus beginning an annual autumn rite.

This year, we present 14, our fifth release from our barrel aged program. 14 was crafted from separate lots produced over several months and years, then carefully blended into this truly unique and complex brew.


The Vision Behind “14"

The Goal:  To create complexity centering on oak, in a multitude of forms, by brewing high gravity beers in complementary styles, aging them in different barrel formats and then blending them together to achieve harmonious new flavors.

The Puzzle:  To blend these various components (or lots) to create a synergistic whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.  This is done with the help of a few of our neighboring Paso Robles winemakers who are practicing experts in the art of blending.

The Inspiration:  Firestone Walker’s oak brewing tradition and our connection with winemaking.  Of course until the advent of stainless steel, brewing was intimately linked to wood barrels and vessels.  Brewing has a deeply rooted history in the alchemy of blending.

The Barrels:

The individual lots were aged in oak barrels, many of which were hand selected from premium Kentucky spirits producers by Tom Griffin, who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about bourbon barrels and beer. Each barrel lends its own unique influence to the final blend.


The Aging Cellar – The Components

Following are descriptions of key components with their original code names:


Double Double Barrel Ale (10.9% ABV) - (31%) of final blend

Aged 100% in retired Firestone Union Barrels                                                             

-Double strength English Pale Ale

OG= 24.0P FG=5.8P IBU=30 Color = 16 / A Double version of our flagship created by Ali Razi


Sticky Monkey (12% ABV) - (29%) of final blend

Aged in Bourbon and Brandy Barrels                                                                                       

-English Barley Wine

OG = 24P  FG = 4.5P  IBU = 45  Color = 28 / Brewed with Mexican Turbinado (Brown) suger


Parabola (13% ABV) - (27%) of final blend

Aged in Bourbon Barrels                                                                                                                  

-Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout                                                                                           

OG=30P FG=7.5P  IBU=80  Color=Black / Hopped with Simcoe, Bravo, Styrian Golding and East Kent Golding


Velvet Merkin (6% ABV) – (7%) of final blend

100% Aged in Bourbon barrels                                                                                                                                 

-Traditional Oatmeal Stout

OG= 15P FG=5.5 IBU=32.5 Color= Black / 15% Oats / Hopped with 100% US grown Fuggles


Good Foot (13% ABV) - (3%) of final blend

Aged in Bourbon Barrels                                                                                                                              

-American Barley Wine

OG = 23P FG = 5.5P IBU = 80  Color = 26 / Brewed with copious amounts of American grown hops


Black Xantus(11% ABV) - (3%) of final blend

-Aged in Bourbon Barrels                                                                                                         

-Coffee Infused Imperial Stout

OG= 27P FG = 6.8P  IBU = 55 Color Black / Rich Stout made with Mexican Coffee roasted locally by Joebella Coffee Company


A Note from Brewmaster Matt Brynildson

Our 14th Year!

This beer is a celebration of another amazing brewing year!  The FW family continues to grow along with the depth of our offerings.  Our excellent team broke all of the records again this year making not only the largest volume but the largest varieties of beers the brewery has ever made. 2010 goes down as the year Parabola and Velvet (Merkin) Merlin were bottled as single components, Solace was born as our summer seasonal, Bavarian Hefe yeast thrived in the cellar and Double Jack was brewed for distribution outside of California!   We also celebrated our 3rd World Beer Cup Championship in 2010 – winning the most awards of any brewery in the world’s largest international competition.  Later in the year we stormed Denver and took home 6 medals at the 2010 GABF including the Gold for Pale Ale, Gold for Barrel aged beers (the Velvet Merkin included in this blend) and Gold for American Amber Ales.  Most recently, our brewery took a gold medal in Germany at the prestigious European Beer Star awards … We are blessed with an amazing team and excellent fortune - I am truly the proudest brewmaster in the land!


The Winemakers

We were once again honored to draw in five of the best winemakers from the Paso Robles region.  The blend was created in a single evening session followed by a few subsequent winemaker visits during the actual barrel blending days.  Matt Trevisan( helped us again this year and continues to be one of my favorite Paso wine makers.  His creativity and out of the box thinking never ceases to amaze me (along with his ping pong skills).  Kevin Sass ( his first appearance on the blending team this year.  Kevin has been a great friend to the brewery providing some excellent wine barrels to our program including barrels for the Lil’ Opal project.  Brock Waterman ( is a brewer turned winemaker living on the Central Coast.  Brock’s wines are bold and well executed.   My very good friend Steve Martell ( joined us for the fifth straight year and once again proved that he has a keen nose for both wine and suds. Eric Jensen( who developed the amazing Booker vineyard and winery on Paso’s west side was a vocal part of the blending this year and his blend pushed us to the final cut.  Along with the wine makers, Tom Griffin who provides many of our barrels, BA Army General Justin Crossley ( and Arie Litman sat in on the winemaker session.  For the first time our owners, Adam and David, sat the session and watched the magic unfold.  Special thanks go out to Jim Crooks and George Numair, for organizing the sessions and keeping the notes.  This was our most organized and well executed blending session to date.


The Finished Piece

As a finished beer, 14 is a brimming with amazing flavors and textures.  DDBA leads the blend lending American toasted oak, English caramel toffee and light leather nuances.  Newcomer, Sticky Monkey, folds in the taste of brown sugar, molasses, cinnamon, ginger and ripe figs.  Parabola brings the familiar flavors of bitter dark chocolate and cherry pit. Velvet Merkin carries silky bourbon soaked chocolate cake goodness to the party while a touch of Black Xantus teases coffee and tobacco. Last, but not least, Good Foot brings the hops… hints of citrus zest and tangerine, which adds a pop to the aroma and nice finish to this big, sexy brew. 14 is best enjoyed in a half filled brandy snifter or wine glass.  Allow it to warm to 55F to fully enjoy the pleasing and complex aromas.  If left in a cool dark place, I suspect this beer will age well. It was an absolute pleasure making it and I truly hope you enjoy our fifth oak-aged blend!  The journey continues.



brew Notes

  • style
    Barrel Aged Blend
  • abv
  • fermentation
    Selectively fermented in the Firestone Union oak barrel brewing system
  • malts
    Determined by final blend
  • hops
    Determined by final blend
  • availability
    This vintage release is no longer available - look out for "15" in November of 2011.
    Select markets across United States (limited draft)
    22 oz bottle/very limited draft