On tap

The Barrelworks Tasting Room and Blending Center features beers from our wild ale program as well as one-off selections from our barrel-aging spirits program.  Single barrel and small batch brews are limited in quantity and available only while supplies last.  Information on specific beers can be found at The Barrelworks tasting room.

Pouring as of 4.15.15

Wild Ales:

Bretta Weisse




Lil' Mikkel 

Feral One

Foeder #2

Reginald Brett

Feral Vinifera

Feral Vinifera - Chenin Blanc component


Strong Ales:


Bczar Beanz

Rufus #95



Stickee Monkee


Specialty Pours:

Unfiltered DBA

Velvet Mocha Merlin 


Bottles Available For Purchase:

Anniversary 14-17

Velvet Merkin 2014

Sucaba 2014 & 2015

Lil' Opal

Bretta Weisse

Double DBA 2012, 2013 & 2014

Parabola 2015


Beers subject to change without notice.